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How to Start and Write a Business Plan for Your Design Business

When you are developing a plan for your design business, you'll have to spend time determining how to start a design business. Be sure to keep this information as it will be used when you are building your business plan for submission to investors or banks.

The first part of your plan, the executive summary, is usually the last part of the plan to be written. It is an overview of your business and what you'll need to start it or grow it. The details for this section can be an overview of the rest of your plan.

When you are creating your design business plan, you'll want to be sure to fully describe your business. Tell them your plans. What are you going to offer? Are you going to be high-end or affordable? Tell them how you are going to make money. Are you going to have a brick and mortar business or are you going to travel to meet clients?

Tell your design business plan readers about your market in the market strategies section. Who is your customers? Who is your competition? Why do you feel you can take market share from your competition? How much do you expect to earn? How do you plan to promote your business?

You'll want to include more information about your competition in your competitive analysis. Again talk about your competition, who they are, how close they are to you, their products, communication strategies, marketing and more. If you have to physically go to their business or review their website, you'll need to get this information.

In the design and development section, you'll need to explain what are you going to offer. If you are going to have to develop a product, be sure to include what is behind the development including time, cost and material. Also include in your design business plan any staffing, building, utility and marketing expenses.

The operations and management part of your design business plan is going to tell your investors about your structure. Are you a multi-owner business? Who are the owners? What is your overhead and capital requirements? How much are you going to profit from sales. The more honest you are with yourself with these numbers, the more you will understand if your business is going to be profitable.

Finally, you'll want to include a list of income statements from your owners and any assets, liabilities or equity you'll have in the business.

Now that you have this information together, you can go back and write your executive summary ・an overview of your design business plan as a whole.


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